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The billing shall be: "LORENZO CAPELLO”. The Line-up (artistic names of the musicians) shall be mentioned in the program, press-releases, internet sites, etc.

Lorenzo Capello Drums & Vocal
Dino Cerruti  Double Bass
Lorenzo Paesani Piano & Fender Rodhes
Antonio Gallucci Saxophones
Francesco Di Giulio Trombone
Raffaele Abbate Producer, sound engineer  and Tour Manager

The PROMOTER shall provide the stage, the sound equipment and the light according to the specifications given in the attached Sound Rider which consists:
The sound system, the backline, the input list , the stage plot, the lighting and stage setting, and a list of the equipment/instruments traveling with the Artist (for the promoter´s information).
The PROMOTER agrees to send to the tour manager the lists of sound and light equipment, all microphones and the backline which he will provide a minimum of three weeks before showday.
The sound equipment incl. backline must be set up and in perfect operating conditions (Mic/DI-lines set!) at the latest 2h prior to arrival time of the ARTIST's crew for the set-up. The set-up of the ARTISTE's equipment will last about 45 minutes, and the sound check will last about 45 minutes, during which time Artist shall have the exclusive use of the stage and sound facilities. Sound check shall occur prior to the opening of the house and no audience shall be admitted. Artist shall have the sole and exclusive control over the production, presentation and performance of engagement hereunder.
The promoter and the artist´s agency and/or tour production should agree well in advance on the appropriate conditions for the requested lighting (!).
In festival situations the ARTIST may accept a 15 minutes changeover time (on stage) for set-up and line check. Then it is absolutely essential that there is a sufficient number of backliners and stagehands to support the ARTIST's production crew, and sufficient space backstage (e.g. stage wings, roll risers, etc.) to set up the instruments etc. during the previous shows.

SOUND RIDER – lorenzo capello – il partenzista 2012
A. STAGE: PROMOTER shall provide the following equipment at his sole expense and no cost to the ARTIST. PROMOTER shall provide a strong stage on one level, free of holes, cables, etc… Stage must have access on both sides, that is well lit and marked. If outdoor, stage must have roof system and railing.
DIMENSIONS: Stage should be at least 10 meters (width) by 6 meters (depth) by 1 meter (Height). These dimensions do not include Sound Wings, also to be provided. A backdrop (or curtain) upstage is requested for acoustics / aesthetics where applicable. Seating to begin no further than (6) ft. from the proscenium.

B. CREW: At the sole cost of the PURCHASER will provide the help of:
• 2 stage hands to assist load in, load out, and set-up of LORENZO CAPELLO band’s backline.
• One monitor engineer available for sound check and performance.
• One House engineer to assist  LORENZO CAPELLO sound engineer.
• One House electrician for load in.
• One backline technician to be available during LORENZO CAPELLO set-up and sound check.
• One Follow spot operator for performance.

The PROMOTER shall provide the necessary power requirements for P.A. and lighting needs as needed by sound and lighting company as per their specifications. The following power requirements are for LORENZO CAPELLO stage power. On-stage 240V (Europe, and all countries with 240V.)

D. COMMUNICATIONS: 2-station intercom system for FOH, monitors mixing desk as well as a talk back microphone from FOH to stage monitors are to be supplied at PURCHASER sole expense.

E. STAGE EQUIPMENT. The sound company will provide adequate microphone cords, splitter sub-snakes, and patch cables to outfit systems requirements and input needs as per attached input list. All microphone and DI requirements are indicated on the input list. You must consult with LORENZO CAPELLO sound engineer as it regards microphones – and any other desired modifications to tech rider.


PROMOTER shall provide at his sole expense, a high quality, state-of-the-art sound system. System shall be capable of producing an even 100 spl at 20hz to 20Khz frequency responses without distortion in the house. Front of House Mix position must be in center of venues and never under a balcony.

• Well-illuminated 32x8x2 FOH console with at least 4 bands parametric EQ, (8) auxiliary sends, (8) VCA subgroups, (Midas XL Series, Heritage Series, Yamaha, PM4000, PM3500, PMD5, Digico, Soundcraft Series 5). ANY OTHER CONSOLE MUST BE APPROVED by ARTIST”S TOUR MANAGER)
• (2) 31 band 1/3 octave graphic equalizer for left and right zone of house (Klark Teknik, BSS, White)
• (2) 31 band 1/3 octave graphic equalizer for additional zones such as Center cluster, down fills, etc.
• Two hi quality digital reverb (Lexicon, PCM 90, 300, TC-M5000, M2000, M3000)
• One Delay processors (TC 2290, M1, D2, SDE 3000, PCM 42)
• 8 Channels of inserts for compression (Drawmer, Aphex, BSS,)
•  (1) CD player for playback houe music.
• Speakers (EAW, EV, Meyers, JBL, Clair Bros., PAS.)
• Amps (Carver, Crest, Crown, Yamaha)

MONITORS SYSTEM TO BE SUPPLIED: (please see note below)
• 32 x 10 Monitor console with at least 4 band parametric EQ. (Midas Heritage 3000, Ramsa 840, Crest, Yamaha, Soundcraft)
• (6) Inserted 31 band 1/3 octave graphic equalization (Klark Technik, BSS)
• (1) Digital Reverb (Lexicon, SPX 990) One Reverb is dedicated to ear monitors.
• (4) Inserted Compressors (two compressors for ear monitors)
• (9) Bi-Amped single 15” with 2” drivers (EAW 200, Clair 12 AM., Meyers, Martin LE 400, L’Acoustic HiQ)
• (9) Crossovers/processors (per monitor speaker requirements)
• (9) Amps – 500 watts per wedge (Crest, Carver, and Crown)
• Splitter snake 40 to house/32 monitors
Monitors are never mixed from the house console. Please note we are carrying one mix of Ear monitors. We are traveling without monitor sound eng. Thanks for providing one.

1 MIX #1 Antonio Gallucci Saxophones
2 MIX #2 Francesco Di Giulio Trombone
3 MIX #3 Lorenzo Paesani Piano
4 MIX #4 Dino Cerruti Double Bass
5 MIX #5 Lorenzo Capello Drums

BACKLINE – lorenzo capello – il partenzista 2012

This backline rider is subject to change. Any substitutions from the backline list require consultation with Angelique’s production manager during show advance. Backline equipment for the Angelique’s band will be set-up at least (2) hours prior to sound check. A backline technician will be required to be on stage during set-up and sound check.  Percussion and Drums are not to be shared with opening performers.

DRUM KIT:   A quality kit like Gretsch top class, Sonor Delite,Pearl Master Custom Drum Kit or Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Kit
18”x18 “ kick bass drum
12 x 8“ Rack mounted tom with boom cymbal stand mounted.
14“x14“ floor stand floor tom.
1 steel or bronze snare drum 14”x 5 with stand.
6 (six) Boom Cymbal stands, One Straight Cymbal Stand, One hi hat stand.
New heads on all drums, Coated (white) Ambassador Remo. Same for snare drum. Remo powerstroke III on the bass batter head.
1 (One) Single DW 5000 kick pedals
Zildian Cymbals: drummer will bring his own.
Bass Amp 350 watts or better: gallien krueger, MarkBass.
The LORENZO CAPELLO’s band can travel with the DOUBLE BASS, but this has to be concorded with the ARTIST.

LIGHTS – lorenzo capello – il partenzista 2012
The production of Lorenzo has no special requirements, a theater lights will be the most appropriate, five spot ETC  are the best solution.

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